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Table of contents

Board overview

The following table lists some boards for which you need to generate a .jic file to program the flash configuration device.

BoardFPGAFlash memory**Configuration sheme
TEI0003Cyclone 10 LPEPCQ16AAS/Standard
TEI0006*Cyclone 10 GXMT25QU01GAS/Standard
TEI0009Cyclone 10 LPEPCQ16A ... EPCQ32AAS/Standard

*Configuration sheme depends on current Firmware, see Firmware description

**for correct flash memory device see the schematics of the board

Convert .sof to .jic

Do following steps to convert the .sof file to .jic:

  1. Compile your quartus project to generate a .sof file
  2. Select "File → Convert Programming files" from the quartus top menu
  3. Make the following settings in the "Convert Programming File" window


    1. Programming file type: JTAG Indirect Configuration File (.jic)
    2. Configuration device: (see Board overview → Flash memory)
      (if the memory device is not listed click "..." button next to the dropdown menu, select correct Device family and in the Configuration Device section the correct memory device)
    3. Mode: Active Serial
    4. File name: specify the target directory and the output file name

    5. Highlight "Flash Loader" in "Input files to convert" window

    6. Click "Add Device...", select correct Device family and Device name and click "OK"

    7. Highlight "SOF Data" in "Input files to convert" window

    8. Click "Add File...", browse to the .sof file you want to convert and click "open"

    9. Highlight selected .sof file

    10. Click "Properties", enable "Compression" and click "OK"
  4. Click "Generate" to start converting the file

You can use the Quartus Programmer to program the flash configuration device with the .jic file.


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