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Booting U-Boot via JTAG

Step 1: download files ps7_init.tcl and u-boot.elf from download area

Step 2: connect JTAG Cable

Step 3: connect logic level UART adapter RX to MIO15 (PS UART0 TX) and TX to MIO14 (PS UART0 RX) connection example for TE0603

Step 4: open serial port terminal, setting 115200, 8N1

Step 5: start Xilinx XMD - use Xilinx SDK menu, Xilinx Tools> XMD Console or start XMD from commandline

Step 6: make sure files ps7_init.tcl and u-boot.elf are "in current folder" as seen by XMD (use pwd to check where current dir points and cd to change directory if needed)

Step 7: type connect arm hw<CR>

Step 7: type source ps7_init.tcl<CR>

Step 8: type ps7_init<CR>

Step 9: type dow u-boot.elf<CR>

Step 10: type con<CR>

At this point u-boot (loaded over JTAG) should be running and prompt should appear in serial console - please press some key in the console window, or u-boot may continue to load linux!

If TE0720 has valid boot images either in SPI Flash or on SD card, it is necessary to prevent linux from loading, either remove SD card, or in case SPI boot, press any key when u-boot loaded from SPI flash is waiting for user input. Should linux start, then it may not be possible to connect to ARM core from XMD.



Old instructions


Build base hardware project using instructions from Base PlanAhead Project or Base XPS Project

Build FSBL by instructions from FSBL - First Stage Boot Loader

In SDK open main.c file and add infinite loop instruction after system initialization. This loop required to stop normal boot sequence.

Select Run->Run As -> Launch on Hardware

Open XMD Console

In XMD console type


connect arm hw

After this commands system will be initialized and ready to load programms and data to DDR memory.

Optionally, binary data can be downloaded to memory. This data can be used in u-boot to initialize SPI Flash.

dow -data FILENAME.BIN 0x100000

where 0x100000 is location in DDR memory where binary file FILENAME.BIN would be loaded

Download u-boot.elf file

dow b:\u-boot.elf

where b:\ should be replaced with actual path to u-boot.elf file


This command runs U-Boot from DDR memory.


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