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DCC Console allows uart console style debugging over ARM JTAG.

There are no bare-metal examples but Xilinx u-boot repository can be checked for the DCC console driver implementation. For experiments there are pre-compiled u-boot-dcc images within Xilinx SDK installation (location depends on the version of installed Xilinx tools).

Xilinx precompiled OCM RAM u-boot images


06/10/2014 08:35 PM 582,145 nand_16.bin
06/10/2014 08:34 PM 581,977 nand_8.bin
06/10/2014 08:34 PM 419,444 nor.bin
06/10/2014 08:34 PM 472,007 qspi_dual_parallel.bin
06/10/2014 08:34 PM 472,007 qspi_dual_stacked.bin
06/10/2014 08:35 PM 472,271 qspi_single.bin

The above images are compiled version of u-boot from Xilinx git repository. They are just renamed from BIN to ELF. It is possible to execute them on TE0720 as well from SDK debugger. The one of interest is sqpi_single it allows u-boot to access QSPI flash on TE0720.

The only requirement is that OCM RAM blocks must be remapped to high memory, this is where the u-boot object is loaded.

Write 0x00000000F to OCM_CFG register (at 0xF8000910) before loading the uboot image into OCM RAM. When executed the u-boot will send console over ARM DCC channel to Xilinx debugger terminal.


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