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Command files for execution will be generated with "_create_win_setup.cmd" on Windows OS and "" on Linux OS.

Since 2018.3 special "Module Selection Guide" is included into "_create_win_setup.cmd" and ""

  • Execute "_create_win_setup.cmd" or ""
  • Select "Module Selection Guide" (press "0" and Enter)
  • Follow instructions

For older Reference Designs:

  1. open generated  "design_basic_settings.cmd/sh" in the main project folder with text editor and set correct vivado path and board part number
  2. run "vivado_create_project_guimode.cmd/sh"

More Details:

  • Project will be generate and open automatically (additional optional TE TCL - functions are available).
  • Detailed Description description how to use the reference design are written available on Project Delivery - Xilinx devices
  • All 2017.2 and newer reference designs has also a Wiki documentation, see links on TE Reference Designs Overview

Option 2 Create Trenz Electronic reference project with Vivado TCL-shell: