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1. Added a VRP resistor on bank 65;

2. LDO U33 is changed on ADP7102ACPZ;

3. Signal FPGA IO0 is connected on AE18 pin of FPGA;

4. Signal DBG_LED3 is connected on AD18 pin of FPGA;

5. Signal MIO13_25 connected to J1 pin 33 instead MIO25.

6. Resistor R84 is removed;

7. LED D1 moved on edge of PCB;

8. Added THT testpoints J4 on CPLD_JTAGEN, R76 was removed;

9. Signals B49_XX_X are renamed in B88_XX_X;

10. C241 is changed on 1nF;

11. Length of CLK signals on RFADC and RFDAC are adjusted;

12. Wrong connection on U8 is fixed (PCB);

13. Wrong connection PGOOD1 pin of U7 is fixed;

Method of Identification

The revision number is printed in the top side of the PCB.