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  • TEBF0818 CPLD- Firmware description with different Variants for PCB REV03/04 REV01 and newer
    • Default delivered Firmware (SCM_07A_default.jed/SCS_07A_default.jed)
    • Power Down Disabled (SCM_07B_powerdown_disabled.jed/SCS_07B_powerdown_disabled.jed) -can be used to power on with main power supply, if Jumper is add to J10-6 and J10-8 instead of Enclosure Button
    • MicroSD Boot Disabled (SCM_07C_msdboot_disabled.jed/SCS_07C_msdboot_disabled.jed) -for designs where microSD should not change the boot mode.


  • TEBF0808TEBF0818/<PCB Revision>/Firmware/
    • Use files from the subfolders of your PCB revision

General instructions

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PD:Lattice CPLD Firmware UpdatePD:
Lattice CPLD Firmware Update