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TE0705 is "downgraded" version from TE0701 as little as possible has been changed in functionality (except the functionality that was removed).

Changes form TE0701

  • PMOD connectors changed to IDC headers
  • FMC connector removed and replaced by two dual-row 100 mil pin-headers
  • HDMI removed completely
  • CL connector removed
  • USB connector position changed
  • 5 pin header support added on both USB interfaces
  • 12V DC power input connector changed to different type

Use with TE0715-xx-30-xx

For use with TE0715-xx-30-xx or any other 4x5 Module that has some banks without 3.3V tolerance the I/O voltage must be changed by moving the jumper J21 to position "VADJ".It may be requried to update the CPLD on TE0705 first.

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