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Trenz Products

titleWhat is the EOL of the products manufactured by Trenz Electronic?

EOL of our module series is normally as long as Xilinx and Intel will offer the FPGA/SoC:

Passive components (resistors, capacitors) can be changed on the modules without notification. We use different manufacturer and best prices, but in any case the characteristics which are specified in the schematics are the same.

In case other active components will be not longer available, we will replace with footprint compatible equivalent alternatives or we update the PCB to support a equivalent alternatives variant. In case we change such a component, we will create also a new article number, so that you can directly see that something was be updated and we write a PCN

titleTrenz Electronic Article Number Encoding

Trenz Electronic provides Module series with different assembly options (FPGA size, speed grade, temperature range, DDR size, QSPI size, eMMC size, less components, different stacking height...)
Identification can be done with the Article number and the corresponding Schematics in the download area of the modules. Module series name and PCB revision is directly printed on the module. Every module has also an unique serial (number on white sticker with QR code on the module), which can be used to identify the whole article number (and thus the assembly options).
Article number style has changed since 2019, so that you can identify main parts also with the article number encoding table:

Article Number Information

titleXilinx SoC/FPGA package marking

Xilinx device information can be requested with the 2D Bare code or Lot code on the device package.

This can be done via Xilinx App:

Or over web page:

In both cases a Xilinx login is needed.