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These Board to board connectors are hermaphroditic. Odd pin numbers are connected to even pin numbers on the mating connector and vice versa.

The Trenz Electronic modules use 100-pin REF-189016-02 and 60-pin REF-189017-02 connectors which are compatible with Samtec Razor Beam LSHM type connectors (see table below). When using the same type of connectors on baseboard, mating height will be 8mm. Other mating heights are possible by using connectors with a different height.

Baseboard ConnectorCompatible ConnectorNumber of PinsMating height
REF-189016-01LSHM-150-02.5-L-DV-A-S-K-TR100 (2 x 50)6.5 mm
LSHM-150-03.0-L-DV-A-S-K-TRLSHM-150-03.0-L-DV-A-S-K-TR100 (2 x 50)7.0 mm
REF-189016-02LSHM-150-04.0-L-DV-A-S-K-TR100 (2 x 50)8.0 mm
LSHM-150-06.0-L-DV-A-S-K-TRLSHM-150-06.0-L-DV-A-S-K-TR100 (2 x 50)10.0mm
REF-189017-01LSHM-130-02.5-L-DV-A-S-K-TR60 (2 x 30)6.5 mm
LSHM-130-03.0-L-DV-A-S-K-TRLSHM-130-03.0-L-DV-A-S-K-TR60 (2 x 30)7.0 mm
REF-189017-02LSHM-130-04.0-L-DV-A-S-K-TR60 (2 x 30)8.0 mm
LSHM-130-06.0-L-DV-A-S-K-TRLSHM-130-06.0-L-DV-A-S-K-TR60 (2 x 30)10.0mm

Modules can be manufactured using different type of  of connectors upon request.

The LSHM connector speed rating depends on the stacking height; please see the following table:

Stacking HeightSpeed Rating
12 mm, Single-Ended7.5 GHz / 15 Gbps
12 mm, Differential

6.5 GHz / 13 Gbps

5 mm, Single-Ended11.5 GHz / 23 Gbps
5 mm, Differential7.9 GHz / 14 Gbps