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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


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Refer to for downloadable version of this manual and additional technical documentation of the product.

The Trenz Electronic TE0791-01 is an adapter board for use with the XMOD TE0790 board. The adapter board provides several connector types to get access to the signals and interfaces of the XMOD board. As further option footprints are available for JST Wire-To-Board IDC connectors with two different pin-assignments.

Key Features

  • Xmod form-factor
    • size: 20 x 25 mm
    • M3 mounting hole
  • Different connector types available
    • 2x6 PMOD connector
    • JTAG 1-row pin header female
    • 2x optional JST Wire-To-Board 6-pin IDC connector
    • 2x optional JST Wire-To-Board 10-pin IDC connector
    • IDC connectors with different pin-assignment each

Block Diagram

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Figure 1: TE0790-02 block diagram.

Main Components

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Figure 2: TE0790-02 main components. Bottom side view

  1. 2x6 PMOD connector solder pads, J1 (on top side)
  2. 6-Pin header solder pads, J8
  3. 12-Pin header solder pads, J2
  4. 10-pin IDC connector solder pads, J4 (solder pads J5 on top side)
  5. 6-pin IDC connector solder pads, J3 (solder pads J6 on top side)
  6. 2x6 PMOD connector
  7. 1-row 6-pin header female (2.54 mm pitch)
  8. 2-row 12-pin header male (2.54 mm pitch)

Signals, Interfaces and Pins

2x6 Pin Header

The 2x6 pin header (2.54mm grid size, male) J2 have to be connected to the corresponding XMOD pin header on the TE0790 adapter board. The signal assignment of the pin header on the TE0790 adapter board depends on the configuration its System Controller CPLD firmware.

The pin assignment on the adapter board is the same as on the TE0790 XMOD board:

Signal J2 Pin NameJ2 Pin Name Signal
User DefinedCAUser Defined
User DefinedDBUser Defined
User DefinedFEUser Defined
User DefinedHGUser Defined / Button (Reset_n)

Table 1: Pin header J2 signal assignment. *pin 1 on header J2 of the adapter board

1x6 Pin Header

On the female 1-row 6-pin header J8 there are the XMOD signals C, D, F and H available, which are the signals of the JTAG interface of the XMOD board with standard System Controller CPLD firmware:

J8 Pin Number J8 Pin NameSignalNote
1VIOVCCIOdepends on TE0790 voltage settings

Table 2: Pin header J8 signal assignment with standard TE0790 CPLD firmware

2x6 PMOD Header

On the 2x6 PMOD header J1 there are the all XMOD signals A - H available. The pin- and signal-assignment with standard System Controller CPLD firmware of the XMOD board are as follows:

NoteSignalJ1 Pin Name J1 Pin NumberJ1 Pin Number J1 Pin NameSignalNote


TCK (output from adapter) CA
UART TXD (output from adapter)

VIO-  -VDD 3.3V

TDO (input to adapter)upDB upUART RXD (input to adapter)

TDI (output from adapter) FEdownLED

TMS (output from adapter) HGupButton (Reset_n)

Table 3:

Table 4:

Technical Specification

Physical Dimensions

  • Module size: 24,65mm × 20,02mm.  Please download the assembly diagram for exact numbers.

  • Mating height with standard pin headers: 9.5 mm.

  • PCB thickness: 1.6 mm.

  • Highest part on PCB: approx. 7 mm on top side, 5 mm on bottom side. Please download the step model for exact numbers.

All dimensions are given in millimeters and mil.

Image Added

Figure 3: Board physical dimensions drawing.

Revision History

Hardware Revision History



PCNDocumentation Link
-01current available revision-TE0791-01

Table 5: Board hardware revision history.

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