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Table of contents

Table of Contents

General instructions



CPLD Access  

Set B2B Pin JM1-89 (JTAGEN) to VDD (3.3V)


  1. Connect MiniUSB cable to XMOD
  2. Set DIP Switch S1-2 to ON OFF position, see TE0706 TRM#4-bitDIP-switch
  3. Power ON the board
  4. Run "Lattice Diamond Programmer"
  5. Select "Create new project from JTAG chain" and press "OK"

Available CPLD Firmware

  • TE0711 CPLD - Firmware description (working in process)
    • default delivered Firmware


  • TE0711/<PCB Revision>/Firmware/
    • Use files from the subfolders of your PCB revision

General instructions

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Lattice CPLD Firmware Update
Lattice CPLD Firmware Update