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Main Power VIN3.3V3.3V1.8VSpecial variants of TE0725LP can operate from single 1.8V supply
POF Adapteroptionalnot supportednot supportedthere is extra pin header on TE0725LP
Config bank Voltage3.3V1.8V1.8V
JTAG Voltage3.3V1.8V1.8V
SPI Flash Voltage3.3V1.8V1.8V
SPI Flash TypeS25FL256SN25Q256AN25Q256AStandard option
B3442 I/O42 I/O42 I/OUser supplied VCCIO
B3542 I/O42 I/O42 I/OUser supplied VCCIO
B142 I/O 3.3V2 I/O 1.8V2 I/O 1.8Vin JTAG/UART Header
B1404 diff. I/O 1.8V4 diff. I/O 1.8V4 Differential pairs in extra header J3
System Clock100MHz25MHz25MHzCan be customized on request

Note: TE0725TE0725LP-2C includes extra 1.8V DCDC Converter, other assembly variants (TE0725LP-2D/2L) use VIN=1.8V directly to supply 1.8V circuitry.