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  1. Connect GND, I2C-SCL and I2-SDA_SDIO with SI5345 I2C bus of the board.
  2. Connect USB to PC and Power on the module
  3. Open Clock Builder Pro and select NVM Program Tool
  4. Select SI545 project and set correct Host Interface (I2C address and IO Voltage)
  5.  Scan device
  6. Program NVM


AN408 describes the input termination options for Si5338.


The input termination for Si5338 differential clock inputs if available on B2B connectors on the Trenz Electronic Modules are usually not terminated on the Module. All termination must be on the base board. Please consult Module schematic and AN408.

  • Silicon Labs Appnote AN408UG286: ClockBuilderPro™Field Programmer Kit