The mounting of the heatspreader must be done with care. We do not take over guarantee for self assembly.


This heatspreader can be mounted on all TE0803 Revision 3 (TE0803-03-...).


Gap Filler: Berquist GF3500S35-00-60-50CC

Gun: 50CC MANUAL GUN 1:1 RATIO SS95407

Tool: PH1 Philips crosshead torque screwdriver


  1. Apply Gap Filler in at least approx. 2 mm thickness to the following components:

  2. Align KK0803-03 carefully and press on lightly:

    (example TE0745-02 with KK0745-02)

  3. Set the torque screwdriver to 0.5Nm.
    Insert the PH1 Philips crosshead bit and fix it crosswise from below with the four M3x6mm pan-head screws.

    (example TE0745-02 bottom)