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This tool is intended to show the capabilities of the ADCs of the module TEI0016A and TEI0016B via FFT and DNL analysis. These two analyses complement each other.

To show the quality of the input signal the well known FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) can be used. The overall precision of the ADC can be evaluated by DNL and INL (Differential / Integral non linearity) analysis.


When pressing connect, the tool Auto Connects to a Ftdi device in random fashion. Please disconnect therefore any other Ftdi respectively USB device.


The download is a compressed folder, containing all necessary files for the demo - Download-Link

Content of the zip archive:
   - The DAQ Capture Demo as an executable file for windows
   - a manual for the demo as pdf-file
   - the firmware for the module in a .pof-file

The compressed folder needs to be extracted, so that the contend can be used.