6 x 6 modules use two or three Samtec Micro Tiger Eye Socket Strip on the bottom side.

Connector SpecificationsValue
Insulator materialBlack Liquid Crystal Polymer
Stacking height6 mm
Contact materialPhosphor-bronze
PlatingAu or Sn over 50 μ" (1.27 μm) Ni
Current rating2.9 A per pin (2 pins powered)
Operating temperature range-55 °C to +125 °C
RoHS compliantYes

Connector Mating height

When using the same type on baseboard, the mating height is 6mm. Other mating heights are possible by using connectors with a different height

Order numberConnector on baseboardcompatible toMating height
REF-189018-01TEM-140-02-03.0-H-D-A6 mm

SEM-140-02-03.0-H-D-ATEM-140-02-03.0-H-D-A6 mm

The module can be manufactured using other connectors upon request.

Connector Speed Ratings

The LSHM connector speed rating depends on the stacking height; please see the following table:

Stacking heightSpeed rating
6 mm, Single-Ended12 GHz
10 mm, Differential

17 GHz

6 mm, Single-Ended14.5 GHz
10 mm, Differential17.5 GHz

Current Rating

Current rating of  Samtec Micro Tiger Eye Connector™ LSHM B2B connectors is 2.9A per pin (2 adjacent pins powered).

Connector Mechanical Ratings

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