Design Name always "TE Series Name" + Design name, for example "TEI0006 Test Board"

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Notes :

NIOS II Design with SDRAM controller, flash memory test and different LED sequences.

Refer to for the current online version of this manual and other available documentation.

Key Features

Notes :

  • Add basic key futures, which can be tested with the design

  • Quartus Prime Lite 21.1
  • SPI
  • UART
  • User Flash memory
  • SDRAM memory
  • 3-axis Accelerometer
  • User LEDs
  • User buttons

Revision History

Notes :

  • add every update file on the download
  • add design changes on description

DateQuartusProject BuiltAuthorsDescription
2022-04-2121.1 Lite

Thomas Dück
  • update to Quartus Prime Lite 21.1
2021-07-0920.1 Lite

Thomas Dück
  • update to Quartus Prime Lite 20.1
  • TE scripts update
2020-10-1919.1 Lite

Thomas Dück
  • bugfixes
2020-07-0719.1 Lite

Thomas Dück
  • bugfixes
  • script update
2020-05-1219.1 Lite

Thomas Dück
  • 19.1 update

Thomas Dück
  • add bash files for Linux OS

Thomas Dück
  • create project with TE scripts
  • new assembly variants
2019-04-0218.1TEI0001-03-08-C8-test_board-quartus_18.1-20190402.zipThomas Dück
  • initial release

Release Notes and Know Issues

Notes :
  • add known Design issues and general notes for the current revision
  • do not delete known issue, add fixed version time stamp if  issue fixed

IssuesDescriptionWorkaroundTo be fixed version
No known issues---------



Notes :

  • list of software which was used to generate the design

Quartus Prime Lite21.1needed
NIOS II SBT for eclipse---optional


Notes :

  • list of hardware which was used to generate the design
  • mark the module and carrier board, which was used tested with an *
Complete List is available on <project folder>/board_files/*_devices.csv

Design supports following modules:

Module ModelBoard Part Short NamePCB Revision SupportDDRQSPI FlashOthersNotes
TEI0001-03-08-C8*08_C8_8MBREV02, REV038MByte64MBitNANA
TEI0001-03-16-C816_C8_8MBREV02, REV038MByte64MBitNA



*used as reference

Design supports following carriers:

Carrier ModelNotes

*used as reference

Additional HW Requirements:

Additional HardwareNotes
USB cable for JTAG/UARTCheck Carrier Board and Programmer for correct type

*used as reference


Notes :

  • content of the zip file

For general structure and of the reference design, see Project Delivery - Intel devices

Design Sources


<project folder>/source_files/quartus

<project folder>/source_files/<Board Part Short Name>/quartus

Quartus project will be generated by TE Scripts

Source files for specific assembly variants


<project folder>/source_files/software

<project folder>/source_files/<Board Part Short Name>/software

Additional software will be generated by TE Scripts

Source files for specific assembly variants


Notes :

  • prebuilt files
  • Template Table:

    • File



      SOPC Information File*.sopcinfoFile with description of the .qsys file to create software for the target hardware
      SRAM Object File*.sofRam configuration file
      Programmer Object File*.pofFPGA configuration file
      JTAG Indirect Configuration file*.jicFlash configuration file
      Raw binary file*.rbfFPGA configuration file
      Diverse Reports---Report files in different formats
      Software-Application-File*.elfSoftware application for NIOS II processor system




SOPC Information File*.sopcinfoFile with description of the *.qsys file to create software for the target hardware
Programmer Object File*.pofFPGA configuration file
Diverse Reports---Report files in different formats
Software Application File*.elfSoftware application for NIOS II processor system


Reference Design is only usable with the specified Quartus version. Do never use different versions of Quartus software for the same project.

Reference Design is available on:

Design Flow

Notes :
  • Basic Design Steps

  • Add/ Remove project specific description

Reference Design is available with and without prebuilt files. It's recommended to use TE prebuilt files for first launch.

Trenz Electronic provides a tcl based built environment based on Quartus Design Flow.

See also:

The Trenz Electronic FPGA Reference Designs are TCL-script based projects. To create a project, open a project or program a device execute "create_project_win.cmd" on Windows OS and "" on Linux OS.

TE Scripts are only needed to generate the quartus project, all other additional steps are optional and can also executed by Intel Quartus/SDK GUI. For currently Scripts limitations on Win and Linux OS see: Project Delivery - Intel devices → Currently limitations of functionality

  1. Open create_project_win.cmd/
  2. Select Board in "Board selection"
  3. Click on "Create project" button to create project
    1. (optional for manual changes) Select correct quartus installation path in "<project folder>/settings/design_basic_settings.tcl"



  • Programming and Startup procedure


Check Module and Carrier TRMs for proper HW configuration before you try any design.

MAX10 Flash

  1. Connect the Module to USB-Port
  2. Open create_project_win.cmd/
  3. Select correct board in "Board selection"
  4. Click on "Program device" button
    1. if prebuilt files are available: select "Program prebuilt file"
    2. using own generated programming file: select "Program other file" and click on "Browse ..." to open own generated programming file
    3. (optional) click on "Open programmer GUI" to program device with Quartus programmer GUI
  5. Click on "Start program device" button


Not used on this example.


  1. Prepare Hardware like described on section Programming
  2. Connect UART USB (most cases same as JTAG)


  1. Open Serial Console (e.g. PuTTY)
    1. select COM Port

      Win OS: see device manager

      Linux OS: see  dmesg | grep tty  (UART is *USB1)

    2. Speed: 115200
  2. Press reset button
  3. Console output depends on used Software project, see Software Design - SDK#Application

System Design - Quartus


  • Description of Block Design - Project, Block Design - Platform Desginer, ... Block Design Pictures from Export...

Block Design

The block designs may differ depending on the assembly variant.

Software Design - SDK

  • optional chapter separate

  • sections for different apps



General Example:


Hello TEI0006 is a Quartus Hello World example as endless loop instead of one console output.

Used software project depends on board assembly variant. Template location: <project folder>/source_files/software/


Software example to test TEI0001 module.

  • You can toggle between following modes by pressing user button
    1. Spirit level
    2. Winbond SPI flash memory test
    3. Shift register sequence
    4. Knightrider sequence
    5. Case statement sequence

Appx. A: Change History and Legal Notices

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DateDocument Revision



  • update to Quartus Prime Lite 21.1
2021-07-09v.14Thomas Dück
  • update to Quartus Prime Lite 20.1
  • document style update
  • script update
2020-10-09v.12Thomas Dück
  • bugfixes
  • script update
2020-05-13v.10Thomas Dück
  • 19.1 release
2019-11-11v.8Thomas Dück
  • add bash files for Linux OS
2019-10-29v.6Thomas Dück
  • change design to TE scripts
  • new variants
2019-04-03v.4Thomas Dück
  • Initial release 18.1



Legal Notices

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