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CRUVI modules use on bottom side:

  • TMMH-106-04-F-DV-A-M as Low Speed connectors, (12 pins, 6 per row) 
  • ST4-30-1.50-L-D as High Speed connectors, (60 pins, 30 per row) 

CRUVI carrier use on top side: 

  • CLT-106-02-F-D-A-K as Low Speed connectors , (12 pins, 6 per row) 
  • SS4-30-3.50-L-D as High Speed connectors, (60 pins, 30 per row)
Connector Mating height

Mating heigh of the high speed connectors is 5mm. The low speed connectors mate correctly within a range from 4.78 mm to 5.29 mm.

Current Rating

Current rating of High Speed B2B connectors is 1.6A per pin (2 pins powered).

Current rating of Low Speed B2B connectors is 4.1A per pin (2 pins powered).

Speed Rating

There is no data available for the connectors actual used here. Data available for other stacking heights of same connectors is summarized in the folllowing table:

ConnectorSpeed ratings
ST4/SS4 single ended (4mm stacking height!)13.5GHz / 27 Gbps
ST4/SS4 differential (4mm stacking height!)15.5 GHz / 31 Gbps
TMMH/CLT single ended (4.77mm stacking height!)5.5GHz / 11 Gbps
Connector speed ratings
Operating Temp Range

All connectors are specified for a temp. range of -55 °C to 125 °C.

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