1. Insert micro-SD card with downloaded boot images into SD card slot of ARTY-Z.
  2. Set ARTY-Z Boot Mode to SD (JP4)
  3. Connect Motor/Driver Board to ARTY-Z so that both PMoD connectors are aligned.
  4. Attach plastic DEMO load to the motor shaft (optional step).
  5. Connect a micro-USB Cable (not supplied) to ARTY-Z and to a PC with serial terminal program.
  6. Connect Ethernet cable (not supplied) to ARTY-Z and wired network with DHCP server.
  7. Connect power supplies to the ARTY-Z and Driver Board and apply power.
  8. ARTY-Z will log IP address to serial console, point a web browser to this IP Address.
  9. It is also possible to view/change the IP Address from console (login/pass are root/root).
  10. EDDP GUI appears, click "Motor" to start the Motor, it should start spinning. 

All jumpers are in default positions: ARTY-Z JP5-REG, JP4-SD and Driver board J13-Single (3 jumpers).

What’s next?

Full Documentation with Design Examples and resource links are available from: Trenz Electronic EDDP Web Hub http://trenz.org/EDDP

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