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Arrow USB Programmer2 is an FT2232H based JTAG Adapter supported by Intel Quartus.

Key Features

  • Supported by Intel Quartus (JTAG Mode only)
  • Intel JTAG Compatible Pinout
  • Additional UART Channel available
  • Based on FTDI FT2232H USB2 Interface
  • Micro USB Connector
  • RED activity LED
  • GREEN Power-on LED

Block Diagram

Figure 1: TEI0004-02 Block Diagram.

Main Components

Figure 2: TEI0004-02 main components.

  1. FTDI FT2232H IC
  2. RED LED (Activity)
  3. Green LED (Power-on)
  4. Micro USB2 Connector
  5. 2x5-pin JTAG Connector (White dot marks Pin 1)

Signals, Interfaces and Pins

JTAG Connector Pinout

The 2x5 female socket have to be connected to the corresponding pin header on the target system. The signal assignment of the pin header on the adapter board is fully compatible to original USB blaster. Furthermore there is also an UART interface available and I/O-pin reserved for future use.

Following table describes the pin-assignment to the signals of the interfaces:

Signal Pin NumberPin NumberSignal
TCK (output from adapter) 12GND
TDO (input to adapter)34Reference I/O-voltage from target board for JTAG and UART
TMS (output from adapter) 56Reserved Output (May be used as Processor Reset in future software releases)
UART RX (input to adapter)78UART TX (output from adapter)
TDI (output from adapter)910GND

Table 1: JTAG Connector pin assignment.

USB Interface

The USB interface is provided by the FTDI  FT2232H IC. The entire USB protocol is handled on chip and compatible to USB 2.0 High Speed (480 MBps) and Full Speed (12 MBps).

On-board Peripherals


FTDI FT2232H IC Channel A is used in MPPSE Mode for JTAG, Channel B is available as UART. FT2232H EEPROM is programmed with Arrow Programmer2 Identificator to be recognized by the support library for Quartus.

On-board LEDs

On-board LEDs indicating power-on and JTAG activity:

GreenPower-on LED
RedJTAG activity

Table 2: On-board LEDs.


Power supply of the adapter board

Arrow Programmer2 is powered via USB.

Technical Specifications

Absolute Maximum Ratings

ParameterMinMaxUnitsReference Document


-0.54.6VNexperia 74AVCH4T245 data sheet
USB VBUS4.755.25VUSB 2.0 Specification
Voltage on I/O pins-0.54.6VNexperia 74AVCH4T245 data sheet
Storage temperature-40+90°CLED 19-213/R6C-AL1M2VY/3T data sheet

Table 3: Absolute maximum ratings.

Recommended Operating Conditions

ParameterMinMaxUnitsReference Document


0.83.6VNexperia 74AVCH4T245 data sheet
USB VBUS4.755.25VUSB 2.0 Specification
Voltage on I/O pins0VREFVNexperia 74AVCH4T245 data sheet
Operating temperature-40+85°CFTDI FT2232H data sheet

Table 4: Recommended operating conditions.

Operating Temperature Range

Industrial grade: -40°C to +85°C.

Arrow Programmer2 can be used within industrial temperature range.

Physical Dimensions

  • Module size: 14.2mm × 20.8mm.  Please download the assembly diagram for exact numbers.

  • Highest part on PCB: 7.37 mm. Please download the step model for exact numbers.

All dimensions are given in millimeters and mil.

Figure 3: Physical dimensions drawing.

Revision History

Hardware Revision History



PCNDocumentation Link


-02First production release.-TEI0004

Table 5: Hardware revision history.

Hardware revision number can be found on the PCB board together with the module model number separated by the dash.

Figure 4: Revision number.

Document Change History





  • Bugfix VREF recommended voltage range



John Hartfiel
  • renaming
2017-11-23v.31Ali Naseriupdated block diagram



Ali Naseri
  • First TRM release

Table 6: Document change history.


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