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Intel MAX 10 Access

JTAGEN pin is already pulled up to 3.3V for access to Intel MAX 10.

With carrier board TEIB0006: Set DIP Switch S1-1 to OFF position.

For more Information see Firmware description TEI0006 Intel MAX 10 → JTAG.

Available Firmware



  • TEI0006/<PCB Revision>/Firmware/
    • Use files from the subfolders of your PCB revision

General instructions

MAX 10 Firmware Update - General Requirements

  • Quartus Prime software, available for free (lite version) on
  • Arrow USB Programmer Driver
  • Quartus compatible JTAG programmer, for example:
    • TEI0004 - Arrow USB Programmer2 or carrier board with FTDI for JTAG
    • Other JTAG Programmer compatible with Quartus Programmer
  • JTAG must be connected to FPGA JTAG
  • Correct Firmware (*.pof file) from Download area

MAX 10 Firmware Update - General Procedure


  • Connect only one JTAG device to host PC.
  • Close all other JTAG programs.


  1. Enable FPGA JTAG access (see JTAG section on Firmware description)
  2. Connect JTAG
  3. Power on system
  4. Open Quartus Prime
  5. Open Quartus Programmer from top menu: Tools → Programmer
  6. Select from Programmer top menu: Edit → Hardware Setup
  7. Select via the drop down menu: Arrow-USB-Blaster [USB0] (Installation of Arrow USB Programmer needed) and close the window
  8. Click Add File...
  9. Select correct Firmware from Download area and press Open
  10. Click Start to program the device

More information are available on the Firmware description.

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