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Article NumberRemarks

Initial non public version, not fully automotive

Industrial 4 GBit DDR3 IM4G16D3EABG-125I

Industrial MAC address chips used


Fully automotive

Automotive NT5CB256M16CP-DIH 4 GBit DDR

Removed industrial MAC chips, added automotive I2C EEPROM

Added delay in reset circuit


Removed functional safety chip

Added 3.3V regulator

serial numbers 455431 - 455431, 455440 and all numbers greater 457980 will have following additional changes:

  • U11 changed to 24LC64T-E/OT (rework of older boards recommended)
  • R46, R50, R51 and R54 assembled
TE0728-04-1QUpdated Samtec connector footprint for better production yield.
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