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  • Use TE0790 with TE0791 Adapter
    • TE0790  Standard Firmware
    • TE0790 DIP 1:ON,2OFF,3:OFF,4ON
    • Use TE0791 J8 Pin Header
  • Connect TE0791 J8 to TEF1001 J8 on Bottom (TE0790 USB Connector must look away from TEF1001)
    • TEF1001 J8 Pinout:1:TMS,2:TDI,3:TDO,4:TCK,5:GND,6:3.3V

Available CPLD Firmware

  • TEF1001 CPLD - Firmware description for PCB Revision 02 and newer
    • Default delivered Firmware
  • TEF1001-REV01 CPLD - Firmware description for PCB Revision 01