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  1. _create_win_setup.cmd/ and follow instructions on shell:
  2. Press 0 and enter to start "Module Selection Guide"
  3. (optional Win OS) Generate Virtual Drive or use short directory  for the reference design (for example x:\<design name>)
  4. Create Project (follow instruction of the product selection guide), settings file will be configured automatically during this process)
    1. (optional for manual changes) Select correct device and Xilinx install path on "design_basic_settings.cmd" and create Vivado project with "vivado_create_project_guimode.cmd"
      Note: Select correct one, see alsoTE Board Part Files
        1. Important: Use Board Part Files, which ends with *_tebf0808
    2. Create XSA and export to prebuilt folder
      1. Run on Vivado TCL: TE::hw_build_design -export_prebuilt
        Note: Script generate design and export files into \prebuilt\hardware\<short dir>. Use GUI is the same, except file export to prebuilt folder
    3. Create Linux (bl31.elf, uboot.elf and image.ub, Image and system.dtb) with exported XSA
      1. HDF XSA is exported to "prebuilt\hardware\<short name>"
        Note: HW Export from Vivado GUI create another path as default workspace.
      2. Create Linux images on VM, see PetaLinux KICKstart
        1. Use TE Template from /os/petalinux/
        2. Execute the script file for Debian/Ubuntu
    4. Add Linux files (bl31.elf, uboot.elf and image.ub, Image and system.dtb) to prebuilt folder
      1. "prebuilt\os\petalinux\<ddr size>" or "prebuilt\os\petalinux\<short name>"
    5. Generate Programming Files with Vitis
      1. Run on Vivado TCL: TE::sw_run_vitis -all
        Note: Scripts generate applications and bootable files, which are defined in "sw_lib\apps_list.csv"
      2. (alternative) Start SDK with Vivado GUI or start with TE Scripts on Vivado TCL: TE::sw_run_vitis
        Note:  TCL scripts generate also platform project, this must be done manuelly in case GUI is used. See Vitis
    6. Preparing SD card for SD Filesystem and hard disk for HD Filesystem → See Programming section


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