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It's recommended to use the board part files only for this Vivado Version, for which it has been provided. Depending on the Schema Version of the XML-Files and Xilinx IP definitions, it is possible to use them with other Vivado versions, see Xilinx ug895.

Table of content

Table of Contents

Naming Conventions and Version


Board Part Names of the base folder consists of max. three parts separated by underline character.


 Usage of the part of nameExample 1Example 2Example 3Example 4
Name of the PCB SeriesAlwaysTE0726TE0745TE0720TE0711
FPGA SizeOptional
FPGA Speed/Temperature GradeOptional  



Board Part Version Folder


Board Part Files will be delivered with our Reference Designs on our<group>/<form factor>/<module_name>/Reference_Design/<vivado_version>/<design_name>.

Board Part Files are locate in the sub folder <design_name>/board_files/ of the downloadable Reference Design. For detailed information of the zip-file folder structure see: Project Delivery - Directory Structure.