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Compatibility with iCEstick Evaluation Kit

FeatureiCEstickDIPSY EPTNotes
FPGAiCE40HX1Kice40HX1Koptional assembly with iCE40HX4K
iceCUBEYesYesfree license
IceStormYesYes *HX4K is not supported by IceStorm
Total I/O in header/connector24 (Pmod + 2 headers)47Pmod+Arduino+ESP8266+DIPSY headers
PIO0 - 8 I/OJ1 prototype holesArduino Header Digital D0..D7 
PIO1 - Pmod Slotvertical (not fully compliant to Pmod Specification)R/A version as per Pmod SpecificationPinout compatible
PIO2 - 8 I/OJ3 prototype holes4 pins are in "DIPSY" headeriCEstick J3 pins not directly available
USB ConnectorUSB B, "stick form factor"micro USBRev 2 has mini USB
USB InterfaceFT2232HFT2232H 
FTDI ADBUS6 pins connected8 pins connectedmore options on channel A possible
FTDI BDBUS7 pins connected8 pins connected7 pins are at same locations
FTDI BCBUSnot connected6 pins connectedSupport for high speed FIFO modes
SPI Flash size4 Mbyte16 Mbyte 
SPI Flash typeMicron N25Q032ASpansion S25FL127SSupported by Diamond Programmer
SPI Flash ConnectionOne bit I/O onlyQuad 4 Bit mode supported 
SPI Flash Programmingyes, USByes, USBSupported by Diamond and open source tools
Configuration RAM Programmingnot supportedyes, USBSupported by Diamond and open source tools
Boot mode selectionSPI Flash Boot as fixed defaultSPI slave or SPI Master (flash)ICEd has DIP switches for boot mode
Multiboot supportcold boot select not supportedcold boot select on DIP Switches 
iCE CRESETBfixed connection ADBUS7ADBUS7 with disconnect jumpermore options when using FTDI a for custom protocols
12MHz ClockFPGA Pin 21FPGA Pin 21Same as iCEstick, shared from FTDI Clock
iRDA Tranceiveravailable on boardnot present on boardPins are available in Arduino Analog Header
WiFias Pmod add-on onlyESP8266 headerESP header can be used I/O extension with 5 I/O
LED0LED0 red, active highRGB LED, active low 
LED1LED1 red, active highRGB LED, active low 
LED2LED2 red, active highRGB LED, active low 
LED3LED3 red, active highSMD LED green, active high 
LED4LED4 green, active highnot present 
SD Cardas Pmod add-on onlymicroSD socket onboard 
Reset (reconfig) buttonnot availableonboard reset button 
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