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CompanyTrenz Electronic GmbH
PCN NumberPCN-20180524
TitlePCN-20180524 TEF1001-01 μModule® DC/DC regulators Change
SubjectμModule® DC/DC regulators change due to obsolescence
Issue Date


Products Affected

This change affects only TEF1001-01

affected product

suggested upgrade




#1  μModule® DC/DC regulators change from LTM4676EY#PBF to LTM4676AEY#PBF

Type: BOM change

Reason: LTM4676EY#PBF became obsolete

Impact: none to this product. The manufacturer added some improvements. For more info see

Method of Identification

Modules produced after Feb 2018 with serial numbers larger 510565 are assembled with LTM4676AEY#PBF.

Production Shipment Schedule

After Feb 2018.

Contact Information

If you have any questions related to this PCN, please contact Trenz Electronic's Technical Support at


Any projected dates in this PCN are based on the most current product information at the time this PCN is being
issued, but they may change due to unforeseen circumstances.  For the latest schedule and any other information,
please contact your local Trenz Electronic sales office, technical support or local distributor.

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