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Table of content

Create Vitis Project from Vivado

New 2019.2 reference designs provide scripts to generate platform project with local repository for the given reference design.

After implementation/bitstream generation run on Vivado TCL console: TE::sw_run_vitis

  • Scripts generate Platform with the given article name of the project. The overview window will not closed by default in this case, please close or minimise this vitis tab().

Create XSA with Vivado

This step must be done with Vivado. Synthesis (for xsa without bitstream) or implementation/bitstream step (for xsa with bitstream) must be done before.

  • File→ Export Hardware...

Include local repositories

This step is need for local trenz SDK libraries. Add <reference design folder>/sw_lib to the repository_

  • Xilinx → Repositories

Create Platform project for XSA

  1. On Welcome Window press "Create Platform Project" or File → New Platform Project
  2. Add name:
  3. Select Create from XSA
  4. Select XSA File
    Depending on usage: Change Operating system or Processor
    Recommended: Select Generate Boot components, which generates fsbl for Zynq or ZynqMP devices and pmufw for ZynqMP as separate domain into the Platform project

Create Domain

  • Following Domains will be generated with Platform Project generation (if selected):
    • Stand-alone Domain for Stand-alone application (default selected on platform generation step)
    • FSBL Domain: for Zynq and ZynqMP devices
    • PMU Domain: for ZynqMP devices

Add new domain:

  1. Open Platform Editor
    1. Right click on the Platform project in the Assistant Window
  2. Add Domain
  3. Specify Name and Select OS, Processor and supported runtime:

    Note: for Linux additional files must be add (BIF, boot files(u-boot.elf for Zynq and ZynqMP, atf firmware (bl31.elf) for ZynqMP) and linux image (image.ub) from petalinux,)
  4. Domain will be generated and can be selected for applications:

Modify BSP Settings of the different Domains

Domain BSP modification are need to add for example Xilinx libs to the BSP

  1. On Platform Editor got the the Board Support Package of the Domain which should be modified and press "Modify BSP Settings..."
  2. Add need drivers or change default BSP setup

Update Platform with modified XSA

  1. Right click on the platform project  and pes "Update hardware Specification"

    Note: if update works depends on the changes in the XSA file(your Vivado PS setup), ins saver to create a new vitis platform project with the new XSA!

Baremetal Software Application

Create Application

Build Application

Debug Software Example

Create Boot Files




Linux Software Application

Create Application

Build Application

Debug Software Example

Create Boot Files





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