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The Trenz Electronic CR00040-01 is an CRUVI peripheral module with multiple sensors

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Key Features

  • EEPROM/Unique Identifier
    • 24AA025E48
  • CO2 Sensor (temperatur/humidity)
    • SCD40 or SCD41 or none (depending on assembly variant)
  • Air Pressure Sensor
    • LPS22HB
  • Ambient Light Sensor
    • TSL25403M
  • On-board
    • RGB LED
    • Buzzer
  • Power
    • 3.3V
  • Dimension
    • 32 x 18 mm

Block Diagram

CR00040 block diagram

Main Components

CR00040 main components
  1. CO2 Sensor (not fitted on CR00040-XX-0)
  2. Air Pressure Sensor
  3. Ambient Light Sensor
  5. RGB LED
  6. Buzzer
  7. Pin Headers (not fitted)
  8. CRUVI Low Speed Connector

Initial Delivery State

Storage device name



EEPROMEUI-48 Node Identity

at offset 0xFA, 6 bytes

Initial delivery state of programmable devices on the module

Signals, Interfaces and Pins

Module I/Os

Module signals connected to the B2B connector:

B2B ConnectorI/O Signal CountVoltage LevelNotes
J18VCC (3.3V)
parallel to J1
parallel to J1
General PL I/O to B2B connectors information

J1 is the main CRUVI connector and should be used to connect the CR00040 to any CRUVI baseboard with CRUVI LS connector fitter. J2 and J2 are un-populated 100 mil pin-headers that allow solder-in pin-headers to use the CR00040 with solder-less breadboards or fly-wires.

On-board Peripherals

CO2 SensorU2
Ambient Light SensorU3
Pressure SensorU4
On board peripherals

Air Pressure Sensor

J1 PinSchematicU4 PinNotes
Air Pressure Sensor interface pins

I2C AddressDesignatorNotes
I2C address for Air Pressure Sensor

Ambient Light Sensor

J1 PinSchematicU3 PinNotes
Ambient Light Sensor interface pins

I2C AddressDesignatorNotes
I2C address for Ambient Light Sensor

CO2 Sensor

J1 PinSchematicU2 PinNotes
I2C EEPROM interface pins

I2C AddressDesignatorNotes
I2C address for EEPROM


J1 PinSchematicU1 PinNotes
I2C EEPROM interface pins

I2C AddressDesignatorNotes
I2C address for EEPROM


DesignatorColorConnected toActive LevelNote
On-board LEDs

Power and Power-On Sequence

Power Supply

Power supply with minimum current capability of TBD A is recommended.

Power Consumption

Power Input PinTypical Current
VBUS0 (not used)
Power Consumption

* TBD - To Be Determined

Power Distribution Dependencies

Power Distribution

Power Rails

Power Rail Name

B2B Connector

J1 Pin

B2B Connector

J2 Pin

B2B Connector

J3 Pin

VBUS12-1n/anot used
Module power rails.

Board to Board Connectors

CR00040 module uses one Samtec connector at the bottom side.

  • 1 x TMMH-106-04-F-DV-A-M (12 pins, 6 per row)

    Operating Temperature: -55°C ~ 105°C
    Current Rating: 4.5A per Contact
    Number of Positions: 6 (2 x 6)
    Number of Rows: 2

Technical Specifications

Absolute Maximum Ratings

VCCMain Power-0.34.8V
D0, D1, D2
Operating Temperature
Absolute maximum ratings

Recommended Operating Conditions

Operating temperature range depends also on customer design and cooling solution. Please contact us for options.

ParameterMinTypMaxUnitsReference Document
VCC2.43.33.6VSee LPS22HBTR datasheet.
VBUSn/an/an/aVnot used
Storage Temperature10-50°CSee SCD40 datasheet.
Short term storage Temperature-40-70°CSee SCD40 datasheet.
Operating Temperature-10-60°CSee SCD40 datasheet.
Recommended operating conditions.

Physical Dimensions

  • Module size: 32 mm × 18 mm.  Please download the assembly diagram for exact numbers.

  • Mating height with standard connectors: 5 mm.

PCB thickness: 1.6 mm.

Currently Offered Variants 

Trenz shop CR00040 overview page
English pageGerman page
Trenz Electronic Shop Overview

Revision History

Hardware Revision History

DateRevisionChangesDocumentation Link

Hardware Revision History

Hardware revision number can be found on the PCB board together with the module model number separated by the dash.

Board hardware revision number.

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