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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


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Refer to for downloadablePD/TE0791+TRM for the current online version of this manual and additionalother technicalavailable documentation of the product.

The Trenz Electronic TE0791-01 is an adapter board for use with the XMOD TE0790 board. The adapter board provides several connector types to get access to the signals and interfaces of the XMOD board. As further option footprints are available for JST Wire-To-Board IDC connectors with two different pin-assignments.


Signals, Interfaces and Pins

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Figure 3: Connector Location

2x6 Pin Header

The 2x6 pin header (2.54mm grid size, male) J2 of the TE0791 board have to be connected to the corresponding XMOD pin header on the TE0790 board. The signal assignment of the pin header on the TE0790 board depends on the configuration of its System Controller CPLD firmware.


All dimensions are given in millimeters and mil.

Figure 34: Board physical dimensions drawing.






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