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title4x5 Module Controller IOs

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NameModule B2B PinCarrier B2B PinDirection (Module view)DescriptionRecommendation
JTAGSELJM1-89JB1-90inJTAG Chain multiplexer. Low FPGA, High CPLD.  For module with CPLD only.

Connect Pulldown on carrier.
DIP switch possible.

SC_EN1JM1-28JB1-27inModule power. Set high to enable module power. Note: Power management depends on module. Sometimes this is a only used as Power ON Reset like SC_nRSTConnect Pullup on carrier.
DIP switch possible
SC_NOSEQJM1-7JB1-8in / inoutModule Power management. Set high to disable CPLD power management. Note: Power management depends on module and not all modules support extended power management with CPLD.Connect Pullup or force to GND over zero ohm resistor on carrier.
DIP switch possible.
SC_PGOODJM1-30JB1-29out / inoutPower Good signal. Is Low, if SC_EN1 is set to zero or if power is not ready, otherwise high impedance output. Note:  Power management depends on module.
On newer Firmware SC_PGOOD will be used as Additionally Boot Mode Pin.
Connect Pullup on carrier.
Do not use this signal to enable FPGA Bank voltages. It's only for monitoring. To Enable FPGA Banks, use 3.3V(PWR_M1) or 1.8V(PWR_M2) module output. 
SC_BOOTMODEJM1-32JB1-31inBoot Mode selection Pin for Zynq module only. Default low for primary SD boot and high for primary QSPI boot. Note: Depends also on module CPLD firmwareConnect Pullup on carrier.
DIP switch possible.
SC_nRSTJM2-18JB2-17inLow active module reset. Pin force Power one reset on FPGA/SoC. Note: Depending from module CPLD or voltage supervisor is used.Connect Pullup on carrier.
DIP switch possible.
  • Controller IOs are 3.3V IOs


It's planned to use SC_PGOOD also as additional Boot Mode Pin (Pin is bidirectional, pull up or force to zero), to additionally set JTAG only boot mode (to avoid programming problems with some vivado versions, see: AR#00002 - QSPI Programming issues). Current state of CPLD Redesigns: AVN-20220506 4 x 5 modules controller IOs redefinition and CPLD updates

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