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  1. Copy the  init.tcl from this Website to your Vivado Script location: <installdir>/vivado/<version>/scripts/. If this file exists on your installation path, copy only the content into the existing tcl-file.
  2. Copy the Board part files folder from the reference project (<reference_design>/board_files/) into the folder C:/TE (the folder location can be changed in the init.tcl script). The *.csv file from <reference_design>/board_files/ is not necessary for this way.
  3. Start your Vivado Version and the TCL-console printout should be the following:

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    Please make sure you use plain ASCII text editor when creating the init.tcl file, any non ASCII character in the file will make Vivado to freeze on startup.

    A working init.tcl file is provided in the archive with this tutorial. With this method you can set up a permanent initialization TCL that is read by Vivado each time it launches. Details about the init.tcl file are included in UG835 Vivado Design Suite Tcl Command Reference Guide. UG835 describes where to put the init.tcl file.