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Downloads / Documents
 What do the abbreviations on the downloadable documents mean?

You can lookup for file abbreviations on Documents Naming Conventions.

 Where can I find PCB documentation and download area?

PCB document is available on our wiki pages and download area.

PCB Design
 What's is the maximum power consumption of the module?

The maximum power consumption of a module manly depends on the design which is running on the FPGA.

Xilinx provide a power estimator excel sheets to calculate power consumption. It's also possible to generate power consumption of the developed design with Vivado.

Please also observe the TRM of the Trenz Electronic module and the power management of our corresponding carrier boards.

 What's Trenz Electronic Module Life Cycles?
 Where can I find master pinout files for the SOMs?

Module pinout files can be generated with our Master Excel Pinout Sheet. You can also use the schematic on our download area.

 Where can I find a overview of available modules?

Trenz Electronic Modules are listed on our  shop page grouped by FPGA-Family

 7 Series FPGAs - LVDS_33, LVDS_25, LVDS_18, LVDS inputs & outputs for High Range (HR) and High Performance (HP) I/O banks

See Xilinx Answer Record: AR# 43989

 How can I excecute Trenz Electronic reference designs on Win/Linux?

Reference Designs will be delivered as scripted project file. Vivado Project files will be generated with these Scripts.

For Win OS see: Project Delivery QuickStart

For Linux OS see (option 2): Board Part Installation

 How can I install/use Trenz Electronic Board Part Files?

Trenz Electronic Board Part Files will be delivered with the reference designs on our download area.They ca be installed in different ways.

See: Board Part Installation, Vivado Board Part Flow

 Where can I find documentation of Xilinx Software?

Xilinx Documentation is available on Xilinx Hompage. Some helpful documents are listed on Vivado/SDK/SDSoC.

 Where can I find Trenz Electronic Board Part files?

Board Part files are included in our Reference Designs. They are available on our download area. You can lookup for installation instructions on: Board Part Installation

 Where can I find PetaLinux BSP for my module?

 We provide PetaLinux template projects instead of BSPs for our modules. This template are included in our reference design in the subfolder (os/petalinux).

They are available on our download area. You can lookup for instructions on: PetaLinux KICKstart

 Which devices are supported by Xilinx Vivado HL WebPACK Edition?

 Xilinx provide a list with supported functionality and devices on:

 How can I activate beta devices?
  1. Activate ES License with Xilinx License Manager
  2. Enable Beta Devices for Vivado
    1. open existing init.tcl (create new one if not exist) in one of this locations:
      1. C:/Xilinx/Vivado/<version>/scripts/
      2. C:/Users/<user>/AppData/Roaming/Xilinx/Vivado/
    2. Add line:  enable_beta_device *

Now Vivado check all Beta Devices, but only Devices with valid license are visible. With Beta Device enable, Vivado need longer startup. Select special beta device is supported too.  See Xilinx Forum: Synthesis Failure for ZCU102











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